Thanks to YFC

With exactly one week to go until the start of #NationalYoungFarmersWeek, the National Vice chairman, Ed Ford (from Essex YFC) explains why he has signed up again:

“So today I signed up to Essex Young Farmers for my 10th year. For 8 years I paid £25 per year and for the last 2 it has been £30. That’s a total of £260 – you can’t join a gym for a year for that or the scouts for any more than a couple of years. Over the last 10 years, it has cost me just 7p per day to be a member.

“For this I have made some amazing friends for life, not just in Essex but across the UK as well as a few from around the world. I have travelled all over the Europe with Young Farmers, competed in many competitions and been given opportunities that I could never of imagined possible, especially in the agricultural sector. NFYFC is an amazing organisation, which gives young people the opportunity to achieve some truly awesome things.

“The 19-25th of September is National Young Farmers week. It is our opportunity to shout about the great thing we do, to promote Young Farmers and most importantly, to recruit more members. So get involved through and by using the hashtag #ThankstoYFC.”

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