Lambing live at Brackenhurst

Tuxford YFC had the privilege of witnessing the birth of five lambs last night at Brackenhurst.

Brackenhurst Agriculture was a hive of activity as they get started with this years lambing season, having already had some born, Tuxford were hoping to time it right with their visit this week.

Lecturers Dom & Charlotte were on hand to talk members through the process of lambing, along with demonstrations from a willing student, who was on call.

The informative evening ended seeing it all put into action with the birth of twins

.Tuxford Brack Visit 1Tuxford Brack Visit 4Tuxford Brack Visit 2


Brackenhurst have over 100 sheep to lamb this year, with many multiple births, whilst also fitting in the finishing of their new round house for their prize winning Lincoln Red Cattle.

Brackenhurst run an extended diploma is Agriculture, with a ‘hands on’ approach, so if you’re thinking of a career in Agriculture visit the website for more details.


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